XC - for loading/unloading marble bundles from container boxes

for loading/unloading  marble bundles from container boxes

Technical issues

XC XC is the name of the line of accessories especially planned for loading and unloading marble slabs bundles from container boxes.
Why a Galizia crane for containers loading / unloading? As marble is a fragile material and container boxes are difficult to access, the work requires a machine
1. handy and with total steering, so to reduce to a minimum the container access operations;
2. extremely precise and gradual in its movements;
3. able to perform all the movements at the same time (steering, traction, boom, jibs);
4. equipped with specific tools to suit every requirement;
5. safe and reliable.

The Galizia crane fullfills all these requirements:
1.total steering of the rear axle by 180┬░ (see encl. file);
2. precision and gradualness achieved by using the best drive control systems, optimized by Galizia for the industrial handling sector;
3. simultaneous movements through electrohydraulics joystick and proportional distributor;
4. a range of specific tools to suit every requirement;
5. equipped with the most advanced safety systems and load control (with diplay for visualising the load, alarms and diagnostic) and built with the best reliable components.
Hydraulic jib Length 3140 mm
Max load up to 4500 kilos (according to the model on which the jib is installed)
Side fork Max capacity up to 4.500 kilos
Special hydraulic tool plate jibs
side fork
fork for pallet
Fork for pallets Maximun load up to 4.000 kilos
On demand Is possible to customize or plan special equipments for specific requirements

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