GF600 - 60 t - 2 mot fr drive 4 wheels

60 t - 2 mot fr drive 4 wheels

Technical issues

Max capacity 60.000 kg
Chassis dimensions (L x W x H) Closed chassis 5180 mm x 2290 mm x 2395 mm
Extended chassis 6180 mm x 2290 mm x 2395 mm
Steering radius Closed chassis 4600 mm
Extended chassis 5600 mm
Weight (about) About 40000 kg, without counterweights about 26.500 kg, without counterweights and batteries about 22.500 kg
Telescopic boom Full hydraulic, 3 sections, box boom
Steering Rear hydraulic 180┬░
Tyres 4 solid rear , 4 solid front cushion 40x16x30 (solid rear 355/65-15)
Drive system Front with 2 motors on front axles with counter rotation controlled by high performance electronic controllers, about 6 km / h
Brakes On front and rear axles
Electrical option Standard
Drive Motors 16 kW x 2 (16 kW right front axle + 16 kW left front axle)
Power surce 96 V 1550 Ah
Standard equipment Digital safe load indicator with display, shut-off valve, proportional distributor joystick-controlled, reversing alarm, seat sensor and seatbelt, work light, emergency button.
Optional equipment Searcher hook, hydraulic jib, full winch system, auto-levelling telehandler forks, low marking tyres, radio remote control, other on demand.

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